Customer Service that Works!

When it comes to customer service and making sure that you treat your customers fairly, make sure that you have all of the proper tools in place in order to make this happen. This so simple yet so effective when you let the people in your life know they matter to you. If you want to sustain your business make sure that your customers know that you want to sustain the business with them and that you appreciate them.

One of the best examples is to send out thank you cards or birthday cards at the appropriate times. This is one of the things that is often overlooked regarding clients. I have a friend that labels each of his clients as A (Top Tier), B (the second level tier), C for the one after that and D for the one yet smaller. This enables him to let his secretary know that she needs to send out the proper level of communication at different times of the year to ensure that they understand that they are valued by his company.

When was the last time you actually received a card in the mail? Most of us don’t get many of these days. When it comes to businesses that we have a relationship with I think the numbers go down even farther.

There are many services available out there that can help you do this. A lot of things are automatic these days. You can simply fill out the information of a client into the system and the customer relationship management software will generate the appropriate response at the appropriate times.

It can make You look like a pro each and every time.

However, don’t delegate all of this. Make sure that you are also involved in the transaction. Can you imagine getting a phone call from somebody (a client) that says hey I really appreciate your card where did you get it from or how did you pick it out? If you come across stumped because the automated software sent them a greeting card and you don’t know whether it is for a birthday, anniversary or something else, it can make you look really stupid. So, make sure that you are not doing this in a strictly arm’s-length way.

Make sure that you maintain the relationship directly with clients. Regular phone calls can help to. Overall I think most of us just want to be appreciated. If you learn how to honor other people you can have a great business.

Make sure that it’s heartfelt and warm. People can sense when you’re just making shit up.

Keep your customers close and maintain a decent relationship with him.

-Do nice things for them. Most of us are selfish and that we just want to be honored by other people. If you do this better than anybody else, you will maintain your customers for a lifetime. I’ve always believed that it’s easier to keep the customer than get a new one. Make sure that you’re treating your current customers great, and be prepared for an explosive business.