My name is Pierre.  I used to be in the security industry.

I had a boss that pushed me around, and managed me on such a micro level it was like I had a request to use the bathroom. For years I dedicated my life to the company. I’m not gonna take the opportunity to name the company name because you might recognize it, but all I can say is that I am in love with the day that I walked out of those doors. I would like to never go back.

Being like most guys that go through a midlife crisis, I finally decided that I really wanted to pursue my passions.

I opened my own limo company. I have always been fascinated by cars. I personally own three to this day outside of the limo business. I have a  Convertible, a family car, and a truck.

If there’s one thing that really gets me excited. It is the smell of the brand new limousine interior. I think they’re amazing. And although there’s nothing like own in the key to my own front door, I’m surprised of the pitfalls that I never recognized getting into this business.

-Mechanical issues, -customer issues, -employee issues, and many others. I’ve put together the site to share with others how they can streamline their processes and learn a couple business points from an old pro.

I hope that you enjoy this website and that you will check back often to see what we’re writing about.

If you own your own limo company, hats off to you! Many people come from different backgrounds before they get into the limo business. Oftentimes they were in transportation and logistics. I  had none of that experience under my belt. So, I learned a lot of these things the hard way. Maybe you can learn a couple things from me, and I from you.

Feel free to contact me with any thoughts about what you’d like the read about or tell me your own story.