Limo Business

This website is dedicated to all of the individuals who  have ever participated in the limousine business, and realized how tough it can be.


Maybe you were or still are a limo owner or driver. What you do know is how tough this industry can be, and on a lesser scale how rewarding it is as well.

The limousine business is serious business. The upside of the limousine industry is that its prestigious. People recognize limousines to be a sign of quality, and beautiful limos still turn heads.

But what many don’t understand is exactly what goes into running a limo business. This website is dedicated to discussing those topics, and general business issues as well. We will talk about what it takes to be successful in business and the highs and lows of owning a limo company.

Some of the obvious problems to being in the limo business are listed below:

1. When customers are searching for limousine, they often have unrealistic expectations. They’re looking for needle in a haystack type limos. If you tell them that you have a white 10 passenger limo they wanna know if you have the same thing in black or pink…or do you have a hummer limo for the price of a towncar?

2. It baffles me to watch customers request of all sorts of different things without understanding at all what goes into actually making those things happen. They ask me if you have a “giant” escalade limo? And when they determined that they cannot get enough people in that limousine, they want to request a party bus. However, the party bus is too expensive and the required minimum hours are too long.

3. Limousines can cost be easily $200,000. The average customer expects you to have many to choose from. It sounds a bit facetious….But.. What’s a guy to do?

4. The other thing that we run into quite frequently is clients only want the limousine for a very short time. There is a sense that they would simply like to make an entrance….Uh, can you just pick me up at the corner and drop me off at the front door? How much would that cost?

5. Deposits: What do you mean you want money down? Can I reserve the vehicle an hour before I need it? Sometimes, customers might suspect that they are the only ones in need of these vehicles. They sometimes are reluctant to lock in the vehicle, and this only comes back to bite them. As a limo company manager, you come off as pushy when you try to lock them in a guarantee for the vehicle.

We’ll discuss many of these issues. Stay tuned.